Your Vote can make a difference. May 7th Coleford Candidates

There are quite a few people and different party proposals to choose from….

Visit the District Council website to find out who is standing for Coleford there are 5 seats for election

2 in Coleford Central and 3 in Coleford East.

You may reflect on what has happened in the last 5 years-

Would it be useful to have a Tourism Office in every town?

Have You visited the spacious Information Zone in FODDC reception that’s where our money went!!

So if you are concerned about local services, the future of Car Parking charges etc make sure you vote

**Coleford Town Council is also up for election in Coleford Central where there are 5 vacancies, Coleford East is uncontested because there were only 7  candidates to fill the 8 vacancies.

So how are you going to vote in the elections?  With a Pencil!!

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