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What’s happening on 9 July at Hopewell Colliery! A lot! – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

What’s happening on 9 July at Hopewell Colliery! A lot!

Freedoms of the Forest

Hopewell Colliery  9 July 2017


1.45 pm         Berry Hill Silver Band

2.00 pm         Opening with Dame Janet Trotter, Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire; Richard Daniels, Freeminer and Verderer; Dave Morris, Forester; and Hawks Class from Lydbrook Primary School

2.20 pm         Berry Hill Silver Band

2.45 pm         Forest Charter theatre with Roger Drury and Parkend Players

3.15 pm         Forest Folk group The Six-Foot Way

3.45 pm         Forest verse with Keith Morgan and Max

4.10 pm         Speeches –  remembering HOOF with Owen Adams, Viv Hargreaves, Jan Royall

4.30 pm         Berry Hill Silver Band

Sign our own Forest Charter!

Stalls from Dean Forest Voice, Foresters Forest and Reading the Forest, Coleford Festival of Words, Radical History Group, HOOF, FOOF, Painter and sculptor Tom Cousins, mine tours available


Advance tickets £5 per car, Eventbrite or Coleford Library or Coleford Tourism, or pay on the day….