The Resilience Centre is leading the way- renewable energy projects are changing what is possible

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Molly Scott Cato Green MEP for the South West including the Forest of Dean  (and Gibraltar) commissioned the Resilience Centre to produce an alternative plan for energy in the South West using renewables.

“The South West has the natural, technological and human resources to bring about a renewable energy revolution. The region can showcase a viable renewable energy mix, creating economic opportunities while protecting our precious environment. As a region, South West England can be totally self-sufficient in energy. We have the capacity to generate this energy in clean, green ways with minimal environmental impact. Fossil fuels and nuclear are a distraction from this clear path.”

The Power to Transform report  provides powerful evidence of how different things could be and is apt given the re-hashing of  trying to get China to lend funds at insanely lucrative for  new Nuclear Power stations at Hinckley  in Somerset and Oldbury just across the river from us.


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