Taste & Tales returns Friday 22nd May Coleford Library 5-7pm


Coleford Festival of Words 2015 is about telling and sharing stories and Taste & Tales uses food to bring together family recipes, endangered puddings, local ‘Froggies’, War Bride cookies and so much more…

June Black Bun a Scottish New Year cake

“As you can tell I’m Scottish and I have made a cake called Black Bun and it’s eaten on New Year ’s Day up in Scotland to visitors and whoever comes into the house- because they’re usually a bit piddled.
I came to England to live, I got divorced up in Scotland and I’ve been down here in Coleford for about 34 years and I married a local bloke and that’s how I came to be here.
The cake is very rich and anybody who’s got a nut allergy there is nuts in it.
Every household up in Scotland has this at New Year. Years ago they used pastry that was just flour and water to hold the fruit in but you can actually eat the pastry because it’s like a short crust, but before you couldn’t eat the pastry-
Really you should make it up a month two months before you use it, that’s only been made for a fortnight, I have brought some recipes. I have also brought my recipe book for anyone to read through.”P1110482

Great Oaks Hospice will be hosting an event soon and the next session at Coleford Library will feature some exotic dishes brought to us by the catering students at Glocol Five Acres. But you can bring a dish or a story, it starts 5pm Friday 22nd May.

In the summer we’ll bring stories and food out into a series of picnics and there’s also a Beatles memory project

keep in touch through thecolefordhub.info or pop in the library.

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