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  • Some Colour for Coleford

    Some Colour for Coleford

    Wasted land or a Green Heart? The Save the Marshes campaign has joined with the Coleford Future group to begin brightening up the town and encouraging debate about why there are so many empty buildings in a historic town centre The derelict site in the centre of the town was once a market garden, a […]

  • Two New Supermarkets?

    Coleford Town Council have now supported the arrival of two new supermarkets in the town, one which will not now be Tesco and an Aldi store at the Tufthorn entrance to the town. They will bring more choice in things to shop for and competition for the Co-op, and maybe more jobs, but what if […]

  • Another supermarket in Coleford?

    The future of Coleford is again to be debated when an application to build a new supermarket by Aldi is discussed at Coleford Town Council  at the next full meeting  Tuesday 13th January from 7pm. Based on a proposal only a 100 yards from the  development, which was to be  a  new Tesco store  and […]