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Last Thurs 29th March ‘Rivers of England

Evergreen Hall Broadwell GL16 7BN

lineup will be electric guitar, acoustic guitar, double bass, percussion and cello on this occasion.

Indeed the music here is first class and varied, folk augmented with a tad of Blues, a smidgen of Jazz, a whiff of prog rock. It deserves a wide audience.’

Ian Cripps, Fatea Records Magazine.

‘Without doubt, Rivers of England is a band that softly combines the elements of folk and rock, but the mix also includes components of jazz, blues and psychedelia, with more than a touch of experimentation throughout. To understand you really have to listen…..More than simple folk-rock and far more complex than pop, deeper in expression, wider in scope, this album looks outward as much as it looks inward.’

Charlie Elland, FolkWords.

‘Rivers of England are a Bath-based alt folk-rock band fronted by Rob Spalding. Their new album, Astrophysics Saved My Life, is made up of strong melodies and engaging compositions on themes ranging from the inner self to the outer cosmos – the emotional to the scientific. Though still rooted in folk with beautiful string arrangements, the band has made further forays into jazz, blues and rock.

The band have received critical acclaim for their new album ‘Astrophysics saved my life’ and achieved national radio play while touring in Germany (Deutschland Radio Kultur) with sell-out gigs including a Planetarium.

It has been suggested that Rivers of England’s music fits somewhere between that of Alasdair Roberts and John Martyn. Although rooted in folk, their music explores jazz, rock and blues influences which are wonderfully apparent in their recordings and suggestive of a band with an altogether much broader and original take on the genre.

The new album features a plethora of fine musicians including strings and the guest appearances of blues-rock legend and former Robert Plant guitarist Innes Sibun on three of the tracks.’

adv tkts £9 Coleford LIbrary/Tourist office £10 on door

Jan 25th Last Thursday Kathryn Roberts/Sean Lakeman


BBC Radio 2 Folk Award for Best Duo – 2016 & 2013

With their landmark 5th album, ‘Personae’, husband and wife duo Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman introduce us to a host of new characters and stories from their fertile and energetic musical imaginations.

Drawing upon the British folk tradition’s natural backdrops whilst weaving in their own distinct and eclectic flavours, self-penned songs sit comfortably alongside traditional ballads to provide a hugely entertaining and varied evening of music and song.

Listen out for stories of Knights, grizzly murder, giants and even an ancient tortoise!

Twice winners of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Award for ‘Best Duo’, an evening in the company of this much-loved and highly respected couple is intimate, inclusive, warm and inspiring.

‘English folk at it’s best’ – The Sun – London

“It’s folk music for the modern age.” – The Telegraph – London

‘These guys are something very special’ – Acoustic Magazine

January 25th Evergreen Hall Broadwell  GL16 7BN – 7-30pm adv tk £9 on door £10


Last Thurs Foodbank Benefit Custard Ceili 28th Dec

A cèilidh (if you visit.Wikipedia) is a traditional Scottish or Irish social gathering.

In its most basic form, it simply means a social….

A Last Thurs Benefit for The Forest Foodbank

The Custard Band Ceili Thursday 28th December


  announces the space heel to toe, finger turns and the inevitable inner fish dance that emerge from your own story telling strung along with our roots

The traditions of English vegetables celebrated, their colour, their life cycle the perfect flamboyance of a cabbage leaf in flight. Recently introduced to share with other cultural ambassadors for the Coleford Twinning Association….

Ageless and open to all the Custard Ceili is an annual custom to edge between Christmas and New year…

The magnificent Custard Band- like a seaside squeezebox collage- a tide of players and multi instruments you might discover Cellos, Fiddles, a flute, various strung guitars, a platter of percussion, Industrial banjo, dances & tunes from inside and outside the last century including The Coleford tune, a tango or two, Scots impersonations, hypnotic Hanterdro from France, dashes of Variety including the Sand Dance and fresh vegetables to blend with purpose….

          A Last Thurs Benefit for The Forest Foodbank

              Thursday 28th December 7-30pm tickets £5

All welcome at the Evergreen Hall,Broadwell GL16 7BN


NO ANGEL stars at Last Thursday 30th November

                                       Last Thursday at the Evergreen Hall Broadwell GL16 7BN

                                                                            NO ANGEL 

                                                       Thurs 30th November  doors open 7-30pm

NO ANGEL is an amazing cabaret with Claws featuring  the voice and personality of Charlie Bicknell

               “She’s the kind of girl who makes men loosen their ties and women shorten their skirts”. The SUNDAY TIMES

                  “A hilarious rendition of bitter sweet-sweet songs, darkly brilliant” The INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

             A new show packed with anarchy, wit and comic ingenuity.

                                                 Songs range from Tim Minchin to Mealoaf, Brel to Bizet

                                      Exceptional pianist David Harrod and ex-circus strongman Jez Brodie

                                              “A one woman weapon of mass distraction….

                                “A great night out..a gloriously dark sense of humour and an amazing voice”

                                                               Not to be missed….THE OBSERVER

ADV TKS £9  Coleford Library/ Coleford Tourist Office £10 on the door

thanks to SOUNDWORK, Coleford Town Council, Coleford Library, Air In G – Suitable 14yrs +

Thurs 28th Dec Annual Custard Band Ceili / Jan 25th Katherine Roberts & Sean Lakeman

Coleford Lantern Festival Sat 2nd December- workshops starting soon….

‘Things in the Sky’ is the theme that will be shaping the Coleford Lantern Festival toward the Event on Saturday 2nd December and you can join in to design and make a lantern.

There is a programme of workshops in local schools and at Coleford Library starting on Wednesday 25th October .

There will also be open workshops on Saturday 11th and 25th of November at Coleford Library from 11am

This project has been developed as partnership between SOUNDWORK Community Projects, Coleford Town Council Coleford Area Partnership and The Art of Libraries project all further support in skills, time or funding is welcome.

Last Thursday tickets now available for new season of live events at the Evergreen Hall Broadwell


                                             Thurs 26th October Le Fromage En Feu

                        Le Manifesto de Fromage en Feu

We, the people of Fromage en Feu, do hereby pledge the following; that we will play at speeds we can barely maintain, use ludicrous accents we can barely maintain and dress sharply – or not at all.

Like the old Camembert left in a suitcase for a month, ours will be the ripest, fruitiest tunes at the peak of potency.

 Henceforth let les amoureux de Fromage UNITE! You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions, sobriety, clothes or your sanity. 

 (No cheese was harmed in the making of this manifesto)



Thanks to Fromage for a brilliant evening to start our autumn season- NO ANGEL is next 30th Nov


adv tickets now available Coleford LIbrary/ Coleford Tourist Office  £9

£10 on the door /£6 for those receiving benefits

Coleford Lantern Fest 2017….kicks off mon 2nd October

             Coleford  Lantern Festival

You are invited to take part in a workshop meeting to launch the Coleford Lantern Festival.

   Monday 2nd October. 3:30 pm  Coleford Library

 Find out how to get involved in the Coleford Lantern Festival that will take place during the Christmas Lights Switch event on Saturday 2nd December.

We are inviting teachers and parents to a workshop meeting, at which you can learn how to help children make these lanterns from simple materials.

The session will be led by artists from the Hereford Carnival Arts .

Ring Coleford Town Council to book a place – 01594 832103

Tea and Cakes

Coleford Lantern Festival is a partnership between

Coleford Town Council, the Art of Libraries and SOUNDWORK Community Project.

Diana Gash (member of Coleford NDP steering group) comments on Lawnstone Plans

‘Last chance to get a green and nAtural space in Coleford Town Centre. When Lawnstone House was pulled down it was a shame. Another piece of history and another old building gone. BUT it did leave a lovely open space next to the cinema.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan group ( volunteers) have found over the last 3 years of asking the people of the apprise what they would like to see in the way of future development that a natural space to relax is a popular request.

This is published in the NDP final consultation document.

The new Architects proposals presented last Wednesday at FODDC have taken no account of this. The proposal leaves only a small area (a town square) with the option of moveable planters. Some trees and small grassy are would be left. The top part which we hoped and expected would be developed as a public garden has plans for three 3 bed roomed houses each with their own private garden. and a large cuboid building. The development of small shops with flats above against the cinema wall is acceptable but not this failure to take up the very last opportunity of creating a town garden by erecting three houses on the site especially when many other sites around the town have been identified.’ Diana Gash (member of Coleford Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group)




lawnstonesquare@fdean.gov.uk BEFORE FRIDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER