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  • ‘I was there’ report from the recent London Demonstration against the cuts

    ‘I was there’ report from the recent London Demonstration against the cuts

    What was it like and what comes next?   250,000 marched in London last weekend. The mood is growing . More action needed. More ideas on how and what. You are invited to hear a report and take part in a discussion on how to resist the next round of cuts to services. Tuesday 30th […]

  • Some Colour for Coleford

    Some Colour for Coleford

    Wasted land or a Green Heart? The Save the Marshes campaign has joined with the Coleford Future group to begin brightening up the town and encouraging debate about why there are so many empty buildings in a historic town centre The derelict site in the centre of the town was once a market garden, a […]

  • No change in local democracy…..Are we that happy?

    Forest of Dean – results Election Candidate Party Votes % – Mark James HARPER Conservative 23191  47%  Elected – Steve PARRY-HEARN Labour 12204  25% Not elected – Steve STANBURY UKIP  8792  18% Not elected – James Carwithen GREENWOOD Green Party  2703  5% Not elected – Chris COLEMAN Liberal Democrats  2630  5% Not elected Voting Summary […]

  • Coleford East district results- brings 3 new councillors to town

    – Roger John JAMES Labour 951  16% Elected – Martin Robert HILL UKIP 914  15% Elected – David William EASTON Conservative 866  14% Elected – Yazmine Zora ALIMI Labour 860  14% Not elected – Denis RILEY Conservative 766  13% Not elected – Malcolm Thomas SADLER  Labour 688  11% Not elected – Maria Ann EDEY Independent […]

  • Reflect on the Forest and what remains ? – Between 2 Rivers

    Dennis Potters film captures life in early 1960’s  how would it look now ? What questions are the same?

  • Harper Does a U Turn – Ukip claim they will win control of the Forest

    BBC  Radio Gloucestershire travels to Cinderford for MP Hustings at the Miners Hall Tues 28th April. Introduced as a historic venue, the banner on display one of the last surviving relics of Forest mining did not inspire the debate. It was a lacklustre, poor experience for many audience members hoping to challenge candidates, almost an […]

  • Save The Marshes – Vote but think local

                                       Open Letter –Vote- But think local Save The Marshes has been formed to challenge the decline of Coleford Town. The group asks local people to consider an important local issue when they vote. Coleford is described in the FODDC Core strategy (local planning document) as the centre for tourism in the Forest. Recent surveys […]

  • Need More information?-like Mark Harper’s voting record?- read The Spike

    Still not SURE how to VOTE? The Spike is a local blog which has been chasing candidates standing for MP in the Forest to get their views and gather information on their track records- so if you’d like to find out what your current MP supported in your name have a look in the Spike. […]

  • Your Vote can make a difference. May 7th Coleford Candidates

    http://www.fdean.gov.uk There are quite a few people and different party proposals to choose from…. Visit the District Council website to find out who is standing for Coleford there are 5 seats for election 2 in Coleford Central and 3 in Coleford East. You may reflect on what has happened in the last 5 years- Would […]

  • Democracy update or – Opinion to influence your thinking?

    Gloucester and Stroud will change hands at the 2015 General Election, according to the political commentator and radio presenter and former Tory candidate Iain Dale. Mr Dale has predicted the outcomes of all 650 constituencies and he believes 92 seats will switch allegiances on May 7. He believes both Gloucester and Stroud will be won […]