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‘Space to Dance’ – Thursdays 10am Broadwell Memorial Hall – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

‘Space to Dance’ – Thursdays 10am Broadwell Memorial Hall

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‘Space to Dance’ ?

Thursday Mornings

10 am

Memorial  Hall Broadwell

Its not a class but it is a lovely place to move around

You can contribute by bringing some music.

” Dancing in a wonderfully big space to a brilliant range of great music – very liberating !” R
“Friendly, fun session – total freedom to express myself through movement and dance. In a lovely space.” Sue
“movement, music, mellow, mad, mystical, magic.” M.
“No stress- free expression. Do what you can or want to do, with no stress.” Phil.
” Loved it, what a wonderful space to be free !” J.

                                                                                                 £4 (£3)