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SOUNDWORK Community Projects – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

SOUNDWORK Community Projects include events, moments and experiences.
Some things ask you questions, others invite you to make a mark or wave a flag, listen to an unfamiliar story..
Choose 3 notes on a scale, dance like a fish or with a cabbage.
Swaps – you tell me something first. Different shapes and sizes all blown into a glorious mix.

A story about a Blue Elephant

Gone but not forgotten

What might arrive next? A walk to somewhere close? A Hall that has a Birthday Party? Food shared along with its story.. Writing the gaps between thinking and doing.



As close as your nose,
as clear as your thoughts,
the dent in the ground when you stand still.
Just something to notice,
be curious always!!




Beatles quiz in the library


If you have an idea get in touch –