Rural Crime Survey – Add Your Piece Of The Jigsaw – closes 24th June

As a police officer attached to the office of the police and crime commissioner (OPCC) I am contacting you to request your assistance please.

We have supported the setting up of the National Rural Crime Network (NRCN) and up until the 24th June the NRCN are conducting the largest ever public survey on rural crime.

In order for us to gain maximum benefit from the survey, it would be incredible helpful if you could inform as many people as possible who live and work within your parish and request that they complete the survey. They need not have experience a crime to participate, their opinions are equally valid.

The survey is being conducted on line and  can  be accessed via the NRCN website as above.

As a rural county it is important we raise the profile of crime and policing in rural communities; your support is most welcome.

Very many thanks,


PC609 Damon Blandford

Police Liaison & Development Officer


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