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Read all about it ‘OH Crumbs’ – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

Read all about it ‘OH Crumbs’

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soon available in multi versions

Zoom twice a month thurs 9th & thurs 23rd from 8pm

wonderful open mike programme- zoom on 603 854 102 pw 018454

then we go live on Monday 27th back at the Bream Coffee shop GL156JE

with special guest singer songwriter Dick Brice plus Maggie Clutterbuck ‘growing up in Bream’

Sir Darren ‘crankey’ Hoskins, Len Custard etc that all starts at 7-30pm and costs £5 entry (includes cake)

read all about it and ‘Oh Crumbs’ will be at the Bream fun palace /arts jab festival on sat 2nd October 12-5pm info at