OH CRumbs Thurs 13th Feb Rhys Trimble as special guest

OH Crumbs-Thurs 13th  February 7-30

           Rhys Trimble

                is a plurilingual poet/performer based in Bethesda, North Wales.

                                              A Night of Pure Moby Dickery

3:AM: “Your own poetry is extremely vibrant both on the page and in performance. Do you have a marked division between the two in terms of your writing process?”

Rhys Trimble: “No division as such. Insofar as I don’t write things especially for performance, I just select what works come to hand and try to gauge what will go down best in an individual performance situation. Sometimes the performance might be augmented with medieval Welsh cannon, Shakespeare or whatever I know off by heart and/ or found texts or other poetry.”

Recent work includes installation performance at Conwy Digital Arts Festival & a Medieval Welsh performance in Lublin Poland.

Publications include ‘Skine and Kaptia’ with Knives Forks and Spoons Press.


plus regulars – Forest Bard – Maggie Clutterbuck,

Disgorgeant Story Teller – Darren Hoskins,-

Leonard Custard… & open mike

Bream Coffee Shop GL15 6JF entry £5 (includes cake) New bar…

Next month 12th March Open Mike/Word Slam special!

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