OH Crumbs regular celebration of spoken words next appears thurs 22nd October 8pm-the story – once the date is agreed- (and that means we have to consult with Charlie who curates the technology)

Breezy Kelly bakes bread for peace sat 24th October

we can start to shuffle the ideas and packages of words and thoughts that we might want to bubble up among the people who arrive on the night with their own wonderful array of poems & Stories….

‘OH Crumbs’

should we change out title? should we have a workshop event or an online Slam….

this month Our compassionate friend from West Donegal ‘Breezy Kelly’ parades another Bake Bread for Peace day on saturday 24th October- we are hoping to find a crumbs link- a scone enchanted evening……

come join us -see what you can bake up

Zoom in on 603-854-102 -PW 018454

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