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A familiar image for Oh Crumbs regulars- Rhys Trimble in full flow

a memorable night/ one of our special guest events


Ziggy’s Challenge by Charlie Markwick


My childhood garden, the soil in which I grew.

So much richness in my life.

And as I flail around,

The weft of grief crossing my life’s thread.

I’m thankful for the warmth of garden past.


My mother’s form is kneeling,

Squeezing secateurs to snip.

Her gift, rosebuds in the stonewalled living room.


I see my father clench his shiny spade.

His pride, the tool he hefts to sculpt the kitchen patch.

His gift, fruit and veg for each and every day.


But most of all the thrill of winter’s night

The snow imbuing dark with eerie light.

The waking and clouds of morning breath.

The strange and alien crystal pattern on the glass

Not outside this but in the room itself.

The crunch of scraping ice to view the garden snow

Beckoning my play.

Then frost cold hands that hurt as warmth returns

With stinging slaps to make my blood run bold and warm.


So much to nurture me in times of need

Each memory a lovely precious seed.


Walton House 24/04/19



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