Oh Crumbs on line THurs 16th April 3pm

Time passes-

OH Crmbs back on line


Ay Corumba special no 2

Words will flow Thursday  16th  April from 3pm

Forest Bard Maggie Clutterbuck, Hybrid shepherd / Story Teller Darren Hoskins,

Leonard Custard, Pam Singer , Charlie Markwick , Ziggy Slug  plus open mic

Contact  for online details we will be using Zoom so best to download the free programme now

if you want to read /perform something think about finding a place that is not too much of an acho chamber

or of course if you just want to listen to the buzz of words/ ideas/ performance saet yourself close by…

Get in touch with Oh Crumbs  by  e mail to  OHCrumbs@coalway.f9.co.uk  and we will send you an invitation

you can also listen and read just using a phone….

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