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OH Crumbs on Line again – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

OH Crumbs on Line again

Thursday 13th August 8pm

Special guest Performance Poet

Sally Jenkinson

photo by Tilly May

reading her stuff and introducing a new Zine project

stuff about me

Hello There

My name is Sally Jenkinson. I am a poet, writer and performer based in the beautiful Forest of Dean (before that, Brighton, before that, Bristol). I grew up in Doncaster in God’s own county of Yorkshire, where we say poem like this: ‘poym’.

I mostly write poetry, but also some theatre, short stories and creative non-fiction.

I am working on a new collection, Sensory, exploring the experience of being a support worker.

Usual suspects- friends from many fields…..

Come Zoom

ID 603 854 102 PW 018454