Third edition of Oh Crumbs LIVE this Thursday from 3pm

lively session last week Haikus and low queues

home work to share

Write about the most extra-ordinary thing that you’ve experienced in last 3 weeks’

join us on Zoom to read/comment or just listen/ 

the circulation of alphabets to date has been pretty efficient- so do claim your share

The sessions have included a range of writing and audiences and we are inviting more outsiders to have a taste of ‘Oh Crumbs’ having cake close by  does add to the occasion

Its using Zoom which is very easy to sign up and remains free- Charlie runs the tech for us

so get in touch for the Pass word and sign in from 2-45 next thursday 23rd April

next week Gloucester Poetry Festival is running a series of word events info on ‘Yarn Whispering’

Oh Crumbs will return soon if you want to add friends to this list send e mail to OHC@coalway.f9.co.uk or contact www.thecolefordhub.info

Best to all 

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