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Oh Crumbs Live Online Thurs 23 JULY 8PM – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

Oh Crumbs Live Online Thurs 23 JULY 8PM

Rum TAR Tar Tum Tum Tum

I’m tearing into brambles

They are tearing into me

One week and they’ve become a barrier

Snaking across my path

A valley now in shadow

From cloaks of frantic ferns

Slip/trip/walk s-tumble

Loose and crumbled under foot

A grudging route

Should have put my boots on

1st Sunday in June-out on my own

Blindly follow steep unfamiliar line

My steps speed up

Slip slide into the deep


Bang bang throb

I recognise the beat


Breath and movement slows

It is my heart catching up

RD 7/6/2020

Bring your words- poem-stories-ideas-company-

Zoom with us from 7-45pm ID 603 854 102 Pw 018454