Oh Crumbs Live Online Thurs 23 JULY 8PM

Rum TAR Tar Tum Tum Tum

I’m tearing into brambles

They are tearing into me

One week and they’ve become a barrier

Snaking across my path

A valley now in shadow

From cloaks of frantic ferns

Slip/trip/walk s-tumble

Loose and crumbled under foot

A grudging route

Should have put my boots on

1st Sunday in June-out on my own

Blindly follow steep unfamiliar line

My steps speed up

Slip slide into the deep


Bang bang throb

I recognise the beat


Breath and movement slows

It is my heart catching up

RD 7/6/2020

Bring your words- poem-stories-ideas-company-

Zoom with us from 7-45pm ID 603 854 102 Pw 018454

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