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OH Crumbs LIVE ON LINE thursday 16th 3pm- – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

OH Crumbs LIVE ON LINE thursday 16th 3pm-

Ethel Mannin*

OH CRUMBS’ no27b

 LIVE online Thurs 16th April 3pm

will include readings from

Ziggy’s Task

before you go to bed spend 20 minutes staring- look out the window and write what you see”

or a Haiku – which can be 5/7/5 syllables or not!!

something short and forward looking…

readers will have up to 5 minutes to share these but you can send them to where selections will go live.

Those taking part will include ‘Oh Crumbs’ regulars and guests- please register your interest at above address

*Ethel Mannin is a novelist from 1940s/ read ‘Captain Moonlight’ about rural rights

Oh Crumbs” is a regular spoken word/performance event in better times we meet at Bream Coffee shop for now.

join Zoom for free and find us through The Coleford hub

                                                                      its all 2020 now

                                                             alarmed but unharmed

                                                                safety thirst arrives first

                                                               so slow when we meet