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Oh Crumbs 12th March Word Slam – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

Oh Crumbs 12th March Word Slam

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Oh Crumbs – Poetry SLAM*

Thurs 12th March 7-30pm

Bream Coffee shop GL15 6JF

All comers welcome-

There will be 2 heats of Slam

and prize winners final

Plus open mike & Regulars

Darren Hoskins, Maggie Clutterbuck, Len Custard

Entry £5 includes cake

“Slams aren’t perfect and there are important conversations to be had about the intersections of competition, art, identity and trauma, but I still believe they are valuable”

Kyle Guante Tran Myhre poet slam champ

*Slam –

judged by audience on content/performance/ originality etc—

each person has 3 minutes reading time any thing any style

sign up below or e mail

(There will be a Story Slam in the future)