Not so Cut off? It s a Love Story – Support your local cinema!

Carol film 2 Carol film 1

Sunday afternoon 3pm  and ‘Carol’ is playing at Studio cinema in Coleford -will there be a wet afternoon rush for the lush big screen showing a film that has had clutches of great reviews?
Dark ,usual 20 minutes of trailers and short films that turn out to be adverts but there are six of us in the 200 seats and the tickets are  still at crazy low prices…
Its a love story with star names set in the 1950s by Todd Haynes a director who always comes up with an interesting take on telling a story- he made
I’M NOT THERE  based on the life and times of  BOB DYLAN and ‘Far From Heaven’ in 2002

Far from Heaven” uses superb craftsmanship to make this film look and feel like a film from the 1950s’.

Which was part of the long departed but much missed Third Screen programme showing films from around the world and stunning independant films that often failed to get a full release on the very same screen in Coleford. With a single showing we would often get 50 people, others with slightly more obscure content didn’t always draw crowds but they were all good films…

‘Carol ‘is playing in cinemas across the Globe including many UK urban screen where you’d pay more than £10 a seat- so you have only a few days to take up the offer support your local cinema

It couldn’t be that this film is about 2 women falling in love could it?

Set in the 1950s based on truth for audiences 60 years later…..

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