NO ANGEL stars at Last Thursday 30th November

                                       Last Thursday at the Evergreen Hall Broadwell GL16 7BN

                                                                            NO ANGEL 

                                                       Thurs 30th November  doors open 7-30pm

NO ANGEL is an amazing cabaret with Claws featuring  the voice and personality of Charlie Bicknell

               “She’s the kind of girl who makes men loosen their ties and women shorten their skirts”. The SUNDAY TIMES

                  “A hilarious rendition of bitter sweet-sweet songs, darkly brilliant” The INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

             A new show packed with anarchy, wit and comic ingenuity.

                                                 Songs range from Tim Minchin to Mealoaf, Brel to Bizet

                                      Exceptional pianist David Harrod and ex-circus strongman Jez Brodie

                                              “A one woman weapon of mass distraction….

                                “A great night out..a gloriously dark sense of humour and an amazing voice”

                                                               Not to be missed….THE OBSERVER

ADV TKS £9  Coleford Library/ Coleford Tourist Office £10 on the door

thanks to SOUNDWORK, Coleford Town Council, Coleford Library, Air In G – Suitable 14yrs +

Thurs 28th Dec Annual Custard Band Ceili / Jan 25th Katherine Roberts & Sean Lakeman

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