“Les Lycras” Crossing the Border in deepest europe on their Summer Tour

Wiggins C CROSS1 Les  Lycra’s now heading for Coleford in the Forest of Dean to meet up with the other big names as the Tour of Britain visits the South West of England.

You can follow their blog of blogs,’with all the cogs’ insight to the pressures (front 27 rear 29) of high octane sprouts….as the screens wipe clear after Rio the next excitement sprays toward the front pages.

“The Lycra’s bring with them all the experience of precision timing and a spare baguette with that singular notion of the ‘je ne sais tous le monte pas’”

They are the indoor champs of cyclic perfection, wisely always feet on the ground- be there when they sidle into the Coleford experience on Thursday 8th September (or thereabouts)

Keep tuned in to be in touch-

follow all the tips on the Colefordhub.info

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