Last Thursday tickets now available for new season of live events at the Evergreen Hall Broadwell

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                                             Thurs 26th October Le Fromage En Feu

                        Le Manifesto de Fromage en Feu

We, the people of Fromage en Feu, do hereby pledge the following; that we will play at speeds we can barely maintain, use ludicrous accents we can barely maintain and dress sharply – or not at all.

Like the old Camembert left in a suitcase for a month, ours will be the ripest, fruitiest tunes at the peak of potency.

 Henceforth let les amoureux de Fromage UNITE! You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions, sobriety, clothes or your sanity. 

 (No cheese was harmed in the making of this manifesto)  


Thanks to Fromage for a brilliant evening to start our autumn season- NO ANGEL is next 30th Nov


adv tickets now available Coleford LIbrary/ Coleford Tourist Office  £9

£10 on the door /£6 for those receiving benefits

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