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Last Thursday – New season starts 31st October

Last Thursday 

Begins on October 31st 

  • Bluesy Jazzy, rootsy Lady Nade and her band on a Uk tour to launch her new CD Safe Place.

  • November 28th the return of an evening of Bollywood dance

  • December 27th annual  FOODBANK benefit with Custard Band and friends

  • Jan 30 2020 Hot Fingers Acoustic blues- Bessie Smith to Lead Belly 1920s-30s boogie woogie ‘all the bars on the way’

  • Feb 27th Singer songwriter ROBB JOHNSON curator of our times

  • March 26th Breathtaking comedy from Female duo Spitz & Co in their new show Les Gloriables inspired by Victor Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables’ and reduced to ‘pure silliness from start to finish’

  • April 30th -1st Dance on 2nd Avenue Balkan and Klezmer tunes from Romania, Serbia & Turkey…

  • *Tim Hill brings his Tongues of Fire village band expect brassy rampant tunes for dancing as a preview of the Wye Valley River festival in May

  • *An evening of Forest culture of the..dialect, stories,songs

*dates to be confirmed

June 25th Naomi Bedford & Paul Simmonds ‘appalachian ballads’

“Naomi is the best singer of Appalachian ballads that I know”

Shirley Collins
“amazing..Naomi pulls no punches” Iggy Pop

“fantastic album” Mark Radcliffe

  • Last Thursday at the Evergreen is a not for profit project

We thank you for your support. You can help by bringing a friend or two and by helping to display posters and giving us ideas for things we should feature

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