Last Thursday 31st January ‘ Bollywood Dance Postponed Appologies….

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we have to cancel due to threatened Snow                           

LAST THURSDAY 31st January 2019 7-30pm


                      Invites you to an evening of Bollywood Dance

            Aashiyana Arts exciting dance repertoire

retro style / modern Bollywood, Bhangra,

Classical Indian and Egyptian Bellydance,

Indian Ballroom Dance, Bollywood Ballroom Dance. 

Sohan Kailey, India’s Fred Astaire of Bhangra! ‘ Oliver Speight (Speight Art Foundation)

Aruna Kailey has been dancing from a very young age- her first stage performance at the age of 5.

She started her dance training in the Classical Indian Dance style of Kathak and was taught for a number of years by the acclaimed Sonia Sabri.

          Will include Bollywood Dance performance and Worksho

Evergreen Hall Broadwell GL16 7BN

    All Tickets will be refunded…

                                         Last Thursday February 28th Desperate Men in Cabaret-

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