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LAST THURSDAY 30th October -Twisted Theatre- Death & Treason Rhyme & Reason – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

LAST THURSDAY 30th October -Twisted Theatre- Death & Treason Rhyme & Reason

Thurs 30th October  TWISTED THEATRE  Death & Treason, Rhyme & Reason

Evergreen Hall Broadwell GL16 7BN

tickets from Forest 01594-833334

in adv £7 on door £8

Passion plagues and Bloody Marys. Nursery rhymes conjure images of innocence and appease our children, who sleep in blissful ignorance of the torture, politics, witches, murder and erotic encounters that lie beneath their bedtime tales. It really is quite contrary…. Twisted Theatre present dark and debauched secrets … The origin of nursery rhymes does not always lie in the entertainment of the young. Using live strings, classical percussion and dramatic vocals and storytelling songs, this show explores the dark and debauched secrets of our most familiar childhood rhymes

Twisted theatre in rehearsal!current-production/cb3i