Last Thursday 28th March 7-30pm

Evergreen Hall Broadwell GL16 7BN

an evening with Chez & Viv

Viv Sherman -Guitarist/Singer Song-writer

I have been making music all my life, playing in bands and duo’s along the way.  I play dance music from the centre of France and also in a Ceilidh band.  As long as I can remember, I have been trying to make sense of the world around me through writing and singing songs.  I don’t have a particular style or technique, for me music is a way of being – like breathing.  I once went to a singer songwriter workshop where the advice was to “abandon the emotional landscape” – I can’t do that!

This is a great privilege for me to be doing this gig with Chez, whom I greatly admire as a musician. She is an inspiration, and her music combines a sense of warmth and joy but with a mature realism. We will be performing self-penned songs, as well as traditional songs and tunes. Also to play in the Forest at “Last Thursday Presents” is such a pleasure.

& Chez Dunford- Accordionist/Singer Song-writer

I’m a forester at heart although I live in the city for now.  My roots are in the forest, my curiosities are in the forest and now I am an independent folk artist in the forest. 

It’s bonkers that we can keep singing old folk songs – it seems somehow more relevant than ever before in these changing climates.  I find the world totally chaotic and music is a way for me to process what I see and feel, my professional work and my personal life.  These cycles of learning and loss built into our human experience.  It’s time to share what I’ve been writing with old and new friends.  

Having worked in and around the Forest over the last 2 years with The Desperate Men on Riverfest project and with Wyldwood as associate artist I am proud to be sharing my own works. 

Playing with Viv is huge honour, we have played together for years and it feels like the perfect moment to be sharing our collective musical thoughts. 

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