Last Thurs Foodbank Benefit Custard Ceili 28th Dec

A cèilidh (if you visit.Wikipedia) is a traditional Scottish or Irish social gathering.

In its most basic form, it simply means a social….

A Last Thurs Benefit for The Forest Foodbank

The Custard Band Ceili Thursday 28th December


  announces the space heel to toe, finger turns and the inevitable inner fish dance that emerge from your own story telling strung along with our roots

The traditions of English vegetables celebrated, their colour, their life cycle the perfect flamboyance of a cabbage leaf in flight. Recently introduced to share with other cultural ambassadors for the Coleford Twinning Association….

Ageless and open to all the Custard Ceili is an annual custom to edge between Christmas and New year…

The magnificent Custard Band- like a seaside squeezebox collage- a tide of players and multi instruments you might discover Cellos, Fiddles, a flute, various strung guitars, a platter of percussion, Industrial banjo, dances & tunes from inside and outside the last century including The Coleford tune, a tango or two, Scots impersonations, hypnotic Hanterdro from France, dashes of Variety including the Sand Dance and fresh vegetables to blend with purpose….

          A Last Thurs Benefit for The Forest Foodbank

              Thursday 28th December 7-30pm tickets £5

All welcome at the Evergreen Hall,Broadwell GL16 7BN

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