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It was a stormy night …. – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

It was a stormy night ….

… at the Bardic Arms …. coming to the Festival of Words on Tuesday 3rd July, 7 pm at The Dog House, Coleford …

PIPs presents ‘A Night at the Bardic Arms’, a prose-poetry piece on the theme of relationship and the flawed nature of humans.

A stormy night, and a soaked Myrtle Wilson-Hogg walks into the Bardic Arms. Looking for a mechanic and a stiff drink, she instead finds elements of herself in one of the locals who, appalled by Myrtle’s manner, sees aspects of himself there….  Join us as Bardic’s denizens drink and divulge their thoughts on it all.

PIPs are Poets In Progress, the Forest’s foremost peer-learning poetry group.