Re. Application to build 8 poultry sheds housing 350,00 chickens in Clearwell.

Hi Please write to the council> Re. Application to build 8 poultry sheds housing 350,00 chickens in Clearwell.

To register an objection, you will need the planning application number to do this online. It’s FODDC Planning P1191/18/FUL. Newland Parish Council and local residents have been fighting this since 2015. Briefly, to give you some of the background: The applicant (Hay Farms) originally applied to build 8 poultry sheds housing 350,00 chickens (for meat), but this was refused twice at planning meetings. However, the applicant is very persistent and scaled down his plans to 17,700 turkeys. Although that’s bad enough, if allowed, he’s probably intending to go back to his original plan. Unfortunately back in October, the Planning Committee granted him retrospective permission, but conditional. This has to be reconsidered at one of the future Planning meetings, maybe in March or April. The Parish Council commissioned a report from an ecological consultant, an expert on bats, who said it would be unlawful for the LPA to grant planning permission because of the protected rare bats which roost in Clearwell Caves, directly below the approach road to the proposed development. A report on land stability carried out in 2016 has drawn attention to fissures in the roof of the caves, possibly caused by lorries using the road to the feed mill, the same road as for the proposed turkey farm. However, to our shock and amazement, the Highways Agency have now said they are raising no objections to the application. So we would appreciate it if you could support us by objecting on the FODDC website, using the planning number above. The application could be on the agenda for the next Planning meeting on 12th March, so we need to act quickly. Thank you. Best wishes, Mary Condrad

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