GRand Dad Rants…. Comic Moments at Festival of words

So as an avid reader I would grab a copy of the Beano and rush through the stories

barely waiting to read the captions stories jokes underneath

Desperate Dan- (much later that was a great joke in  Alan Bleasdale’s Boys from the Blackstuff)

Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, lots of training for tongue twisters and rippling rhymes

every week usually thursday but we got ours on friday

when i would meet my Dad coming home from work and we would get fish and chips and comics

Charley Chutney, Baby Crockett,Fatty Fudge, Emlyn the Gremlin and of course Gnasher ….

.3d in the fifities or maybe 4p in 1977….

Soooooo when my grandson says can I have a comic Grodge?

I am open minded and a bit surprised that Beano is still on sale..

.its glossier now but not much thicker and it costs £3-75 ….

I turn the pages and find myself AT THE BACK BEFORE TOO LONG


so don’t miss out come to the comic masterclasses at Coleford LIbrary THEY ARE FREEEE!!!!!!

What is going on? 



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