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GLORIATOR – Laughing out Loud!! 25th FEB – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

GLORIATOR – Laughing out Loud!! 25th FEB

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Spitz & Co  bring a brilliant pairing of a French Actress and an English Fool re-enacting the multi – million feature film which starred Russell Crowe leaving in the important bits to savour .

Last Thursday at the Evergreen Hall Broadwell is on 25th February and offers you the chance to witness, close up, a classic evening of slapstick comedy theatre.

Their Creation GLORIATOR  restores the experience of  being part of an audience that laughs out loud.

EVERGREEN HALL GL16 7BN                                          doors open 7-30pm

tickets in advance £8 Coleford Library or Tourist Office or £9 on the door