Getting the Coleford HUB afloat- Come and Join in…Tuesday 20th October 5pm

Started as an online magazine for Coleford and surrounding areas to fill the gaps about what goes on and the thoughts about what doesn’t…it is still finding its way

Beatles quiz in the library
Beatles quiz in the library

and it is still uneven but thats a house style of sorts……few days ago I went to conference in Cardiff at the Centre for Community Journalism and it turns out there are maybe 1000 sites like this trying to offer something that the local press and media doesn’t offer and trying to do it for some local benefit…a lot of them have chosen to produce community newpapers alongside their websites …have a look –

The Bristol Cable publishes 4 times a year is run as a community media co-op and has done what they term ‘investigations’ about the catering industry in Bristol-  by asking people who cook and serve for instance 28% are on zero hour contracts, 21% have no contracts, but 50% do and asked do you work more than contracted 30% said no 70% said yes….

Rosie ind 1

We all travel  to other places and people increasingly travel to our place- so we learn about different ways

THE CITY TALKING is another project based in multi-cultural LEEDS but spreading to different local versions in YORK,  SHEFFIELD,MANCHESTER, LIVERPOOL  written, designed in each case by local people.have a look

The Kentish Towner is from North London, the Gasholder nearby both too add heavy for me but Changing Ireland is about empowerment and community development.

whereas VIEW is a magazine from Northern Ireland set up by those who work in community/voluntary sector because they felt that serious issues were constantly being ignored by other media-things like the growth of child poverty 100,00 in NI.

Grange Community News  is a community publication from Grangetown in Cardiff first published in 1978


The hub has aspirations, but Coleford is small town in a wonderfully disparate area- but there are still things that you might like to have answers for- or change or go out to or act to make a difference-How many refugees should we offer beds for? Ironic that the bedroom tax took away the option for many households….

So if you are interested in helping to offer something to the hub regular comment some investigations reviews- ideas-poems-drawings get in touch subscribe if you haven’t yet or come along to our  next monthly meetings in Coleford library on tuesday 20th October at 5pm  for a series of  sessions to  spread and float the hub…if you can’t make this meet look out for the next or write and offer anything you can…Ben has got me this far so a bow from him for the Technical learning I have just shared with you…Roger


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