Forest Food Hub makes a lot of sense- Buy Local

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What’s on the Food Hub this week?

• Juice! Oaklands Park and Crooked End farm both have delicious apple juice grown, picked and squished in the Forest of Dean. What a super way to 5 a day…. or 20 a day if you forage and grow your own.
• Crooked End Farm have delicious pork and beef products newly added to the list. Their Pasture Fed beef has been fed only grass and pasture their whole life, making it healthier for us, for the cattle and more sustainable for the Earth!
• The Forest Bakehouse bake the most delicious bread in the country, in my opinion. Long fermentations of the dough mean that the long gluten proteins are broken down before we eat them. The symbiotic relationship between people and yeasts is as old as agriculture itself and the two go hand in hand. Nourish yeasts to nourish ourselves.
• There are so so many delicious preserves on the Food Hub at the moment. These count as vegetables too! Even though the days are getting longer the evenings are still ripe for easy meals sometimes. A nice chutney or jam can make dinner and dessert just that bit easier.

Dean Forest Food Hub is a not-for-profit social enterprise linking local food eaters with local producers to create a vibrant local food culture in the Forest.
07857482689    (order by Monday evening to pick up at local drop points by friday)

We are part of an international movement, the movement for Food Sovereignty, in which people’s all over the world have the right to define their own food systems.

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