Festival of WORDS surfing toward end of the week–lots more to do

Coleford Festival of Words 2017 3-9th July

Several days of complete contrast- with the surfing festival goers seeking a bit of shade the end of the week in the Coleford Baptist Hall offers on Thursday 6th at 8pm an audience with Hollie McNish

I always attracted mums and midwives. Now I get poetry lovers’ ‘Nobody Told Me’ is her prize winning book about getting pregnant and then becoming a young mum. Her work is described as ‘disarming honesty’

She says her new collection includes teenage writing ‘ I wanted to look back at the young person I was, maybe I can learn from the things I was thinking at 15. I was a passionate young teenage girl and I wanted to celebrate that and because I wanted the book to be funny.’

Cinderford’s own Underground Roughnecks provide a warm up before Hollie.

Whilst on friday 7th at 8-30pm Miles Jupp is keen to accept the challenge of talking about his latest novel’ Egg and Soldiers’ and to answer questions that the audience choose to throw at him.

His appearance in Coleford follows the latest series of BBC radio 4 News quiz, a topical joust of comment and reflection which he chairs. The book Egg and Soldiers which is published in september takes on the role of Damien Tench a character last heard of in a BBC Radio comedy.

Festival publishes local writers

I’m Writing’ the theme of this years festival is also the title of a collection of local writing which is now on sale through the festival bookshop. The book contains 10 contributions which make up the shortlist and range from Rachael Boucker’s moving conversation between a parent and her child each trying to make their way through a story,to Deborah Gregory’s Postcard where the baking of bread accompanies the unfolding of a lost love.Sarah Sawyer gives voice to the need for a new statue in Coleford dedicated to a female role model, ‘ a real woman to celebrate and inspire’

I’m reading. Do not disturb. I’m reading’ Val Ormrod’s journey through the words that flow around us invites the reader to move on to the next book.The four winning entries, including a young writers prize will be judged and announced by local author Andrew Taylor on saturday evening at 7pm-in the Coleford baptist Hall before the premiere screening of the HOOF film at 8pm

All further details on www.thecolefordhub.info

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