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Etherington comic May-Hem at Coleford Library – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

Etherington comic May-Hem at Coleford Library

With just a single brother- Robin of the acclaimed Etherington brothers amassed balls of energy in Coleford Library yesterday afternoon- the Go Nuts guide to making comics- doing the steps to getting your ideas to become stories and drawing them into comic book worlds- in just under an hour the space explored how to- what to-where to – and children from around the Forest and their parents grabbed hold of Robin’s guide to discover  monsters in love, slapstick detectives and ,wild, wild adventures- so you make your story one that drags the reader along close behind as each page is turned….there are already regular comic making sessions in Coleford Library keep close for follow ups…this was only event no 7 in the Coleford Festival of Words caravan journey..keep in touch thru the coleford hub

Next childrens event wednesday 5pm Wyldwood arts with Lydbrook Youth Theatre in Coleford Library then Bedtime stories friday at 6pm -Saturday Family story walk around Coleford with Adam Blake 10-30am….