Duck & Mermaid – Story/Walk/Picnic- Mallards Pike- Mon 15th May 2pm

Mallards Pike Story/Walk/picnic-“

This is where the people marched to save the Forest”

Stones spitting under the car- busy car park- holidays from school
I remember- but forgot the difference it makes
Park up-see the comments some visitors make about the charges
But if it was a shopping mall they’d hardly blink….And the toilets are free!!

Green water- edges you around your walk
When were the Mallers here -living in the turnpike house?
What’s the Tree of Life look like?
How old are the old men… and the women much wiser be?

4 picnic tables and the first two benches
1 Sue Lovell / 2 FH. MH Golden Wedding celebrated with a plaque
Gaze out here- gaze
No need to speak- but do write a few words/ make a quick sketch

Move on away from the stranded Frog and Mermaid
Fourth tree has a snake a climbing – they both stare upwards

Step off the path separate, choose a tree, describe, look, listen
Look away from the pond and 16 steps see a mouth of water, a tunnel
Think of a name for this place you have discovered

Bench 3 shaded Sheila Jessie Harris

A few moments later but close enough apart
The fourth bench Richard Ian Darby shadows, a cutting behind you- birds gather

And already sat with Rene we can look down the length of the Pike here many paths meet up
Behind you walk to the other pond- cup your ears to the sound of water in flow…..

Book a place-Its Free-

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