Drawing Maps in Broadwell this Sunday 5th June


Coleford Festival of Words 2016 is exploring a small community,gathering things toward a temporary museum with the support of the Foresters Forest Project to tell the story of the Forest of Dean

This photograph is a landmark that becomes the starting place for making maps about the community of Broadwell, the School and Church were built in late 1860s the stories behind them unfold and become the community of Broadwell.

Reading maps does not tell the complete history, where people lived, where they worked, shopped, went to school,played are all a jigsaw of moments and memories that continue today…

You are invited to come along and add your words,pictures and suggestions what should appear on a map that captures this history- session runs from 11am until 2pm Sunday 5th of June in the Evergreen Hall- if you can’t make this session there will be another on each sunday and a full day of exhibitions, talks and activities on sunday 10th July- get in touch contact@thecolefordhub.info

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