Do they really want to have a Conversation?

It is a ripe time to get involved Coleford Town Council, Forest of Dean District Council and Glos County Council are all in the process of deciding how much they will expect us to pay them for our services for the next financial year beginning in April.

With the recent consultation on the future of hospitals in the Forest still  being considered we are again expected to become experts at reading documents and understand proposals outside our normal sphere.

These local tiers of democracy,- the people we have a chance to vote for or against-are of course constricted by the levels of austerity imposed by the Westminster Government which currently means fewer resources to pay for services.

So over the Christmas holiday we are invited to respond, suggest what we think are priorities and what should be cut. (FODDC will lose £250k +)

So I wonder have you ever commented? Have you ever got a reply if you did?

Does making all the information on-line or a copy in the library really work as a way of including us?

There will be a few meetings where the public questions councillors, (not many, and usually within a 10 minute forum) – how could it be different?-

The Hub welcomes your comments -If you want we could have a meet up.??. invite a councillor?

I’m concerned there is still no open youth activity in Coleford, and that the Forest Theatre has a fragile future ahead, and there is no arts policy for FOD,and too many empty shops/derelict sites in Coleford….could we have rent controls in Coleford?..Benefit take up campaign?

Meanwhile heads down-dial a document or call your local councillor ask a few searching questions

you can contact them through FODDC , CTC or Glos County Council phone or web adresses

Get on the chase- consultation started  15th December  and runs until 5pm 19th January…….

Press Release    15 December 2017

             Forest of Dean District Council

High Street, Coleford, GL16 8HG

 Council welcomes comments on budget proposals

Last night cabinet approved the first draft budget proposals for 2018/19.  The spending proposals are now open for a five week public consultation.

The Forest of Dean District Council is preparing for a financially difficult year, against a background of declining government funding for local councils and rising costs.

The proposed settlement for 2018/19 indicates a further government revenue support grant reduction in cash terms of £0.257 million or 8.2%.

  • The draft budget for 2018/19, together   with the Medium Term Financial Strategy 2017/18 to 2021/22 identifies various funding initiatives and efficiency savings in the coming year to help the council become self-financing and less dependent on government support.
  • There will be a small increase in the district council’s share of council tax. The increase of 2.96% per cent will take the District element of council tax up to £173.83 for the average Band D taxpayer, an increase of £5.00 a year (10p per week).
  • The cabinet proposes to freeze car park charges and green waste charges.
  • There will be no cuts in frontline services in 2018/19.

Public consultation:

The full budget report for 2018/19 is available to view on the District Council’s website in the ‘Council & meetings’ section under item 10 of the 14 December 2017 Cabinet meeting agenda.

You can comment on the budget proposals by visiting:

All comments should be received by 5pm on Friday 19 January 2018.

All public comments will be taken into account by the Cabinet when putting forward their final budget proposals, which will be presented to full council for approval on Thursday 22 February 2018.


Notes for Editors:

The full draft budget report, together with the Medium Term Financial Strategy, can be found at item 10 on this 14 December 2017 Cabinet meeting agenda.

The budget consultation survey for 2018/19 can be viewed via this link:

Issued by: Michala Lee, Communications Officer, Forest of Dean District Council, 01594 812622,




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