Democracy update or – Opinion to influence your thinking?

Gloucester and Stroud will change hands at the 2015 General Election, according to the political commentator and radio presenter and former Tory candidate Iain Dale.
Mr Dale has predicted the outcomes of all 650 constituencies and he believes 92 seats will switch allegiances on May 7.
He believes both Gloucester and Stroud will be won by Labour.
However, the Forest of Dean, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and the Cotswolds will remain as they are now.
His national predictions in full:
@Labour will gain 55 seats while losing 11 leaving them plus 44. 302 seats total.
@The Conservatives will lose 48 seats and gain 20, leaving them minus 28. 279 seats total.
@The Liberal Democrats will lose 33 seats and gain none, leaving them down 33.
@Ukip will win five seats but lose the one gained in Rochester.

The Greens are at last getting a fairer share of coverage for their policies but there are no predictions it will give them more than the single seat won by Caroline Lucas in Brighton.

So if the Forest is to change its current MP these headlines are the challenge!!

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