Democracy – How do we check our sense of the way things are?

When you’ve listened to the news in the morning and then looked through the papers how much better informed are you? The elections for Parish and town Councils, district Councillors and Member of parliament all collide in the first week of may.

What issues make your decision about what or who to vote for any easier?

The letter pages of the Forest Review and the Forester provide most of the public debate of politics- but is that a fair range of opinion or fact- where else should we listen or contribute?

38 degrees were strong partners with HOOF to challenge the recent further threat to the Forest

They are asking people who want to be active to set up a group in the Forest and decide what are the most important issues here- is it just encouraging people to vote or is it access to services and where does the most trust lie. Look back at the last 5 years, think about what you want to happen in the next 5. Below is a link to some thinking of the people’s parliament- just another stream of media?

Decide for yourself- where should our local politics be discussed- a few public meetings- online- or will it just be the argy bargy in the limits and choices of the local media?

speak now…

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