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Coleford Lantern Fest 2017….kicks off mon 2nd October – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

Coleford Lantern Fest 2017….kicks off mon 2nd October

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             Coleford  Lantern Festival

You are invited to take part in a workshop meeting to launch the Coleford Lantern Festival.

   Monday 2nd October. 3:30 pm  Coleford Library

 Find out how to get involved in the Coleford Lantern Festival that will take place during the Christmas Lights Switch event on Saturday 2nd December.

We are inviting teachers and parents to a workshop meeting, at which you can learn how to help children make these lanterns from simple materials.

The session will be led by artists from the Hereford Carnival Arts .

Ring Coleford Town Council to book a place – 01594 832103

Tea and Cakes

Coleford Lantern Festival is a partnership between

Coleford Town Council, the Art of Libraries and SOUNDWORK Community Project.