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Coleford Health Centre faces 250% increase- privatisation on the march – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

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Coleford Health Centre faces 250% increase- privatisation on the march

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Councillor EILEEN Elsmore reported at Coleford Town Council meeting last night that GP surgeries including Coleford Health Centre and Braunston surgery are facing up to 250% increases in maintenance charges since a new contract has been revealed that will effect GP surgeries across the county.

This is a worrying new development of large contracts being open to bids and the result is huge increased costs, so that whatever new funding goes into the NHS it is ending up not reducing waiting times,or more nurses or ambulances or safer working for junior doctors but to enable large companies to reap their profits.

To date there is no mention on Forest of Dean Health Forum  from their May 2016 meeting minutes try

There is however a new item on front page of the NHS Glos Community commissioning Group  website


NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) Governing Body has confirmed its intent to support investment in the future of GP premises with approval of the Primary Care Infrastructure Plan (PCIP) 2016-2021. but it does not mention the increases….please act now …ask why this is happening and challenge its legality….

CCG sets out priorities for investment in GP premises