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Coleford Festival of Words- on tour – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

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Coleford Festival of Words- on tour

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Coleford Festival of Words- taking a different tack this year from the usual week long programme- there have been a range of smaller scale community events over the last few months.

In July the Festival ran a series of workshop sessions ‘Remembering The Beatles’ including a  quiz, sing along and a sharing of  memories inspired by the 1960s  with live specially commissioned music by Paul Hutchinson.

Venues included the Coleford Library group, Coleford Drop in Centre,Forest Court, The Coombs and the Elms nursing homes  as well as an evening in Coleford Library.

There was also an author workshop by Sue Rawle talking about  writing and marketing her deep water adventure novel  “DEAD TROUBLE” with Coleford  book group.

Look out for an exhibition and more events  later in the year…

The festival thanks Coleford Town Council and Coleford Library for continued support.