Coleford East Candidates – 3 seats – 7th May Use Your Vote

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Your Voting card will tell you where to Vote – but you don’t need to have it in order to vote.

Coleford East voting takes place at Evergreen Hall Broadwell and Recreation Hall Milkwall

7am – 10pm on Thurs May 7th. You have 3 votes.

if you need any help or to find out if your polling station is accessible contact FODDC 01594-812692

e mail  website

if  you are unable to vote in person you can apply to vote by proxy- completed application must reach the FODDC by 5pm on 7th May for more info go online www.aboutmyvote

standing for election are…

Yasmin Zora ALIMI (Lab)

Elliot Dean CLARKE (Green)

David EASTON (Con)

*Maria EDEY (IND)

Danny FAUX (IND)

Martin Robert HILL (Ukip)

Roger John JAMES (Lab)

Denis RILEY (Con)

Malcolm SADLER (Lab)

* existing Councillor

Yasmin Alimi, Elliot Clarke, Roger James & Malcolm Sadler have signed the HOOF Pledges to save the Forest and you can read their promises on the HOOF Blog…

also further reading on those standing to be MP…ask questions vote for a reason..

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