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  • Glos County Wasting our Taxes? latest

    Glos County Wasting our Taxes? latest

    Dear all The concrete may be piling up at Javelin Park but the story is far from over.  Check out the 6 points below. 1. Audit scrutiny The County Council’s accounts are being gone through with a fine tooth comb by Grant Thornton, their external auditors, as a result of complaints submitted by Community R4C […]

  • Whatever happened to World Aids Day?

    I don’t chase the world online but I seem to have missed Dec 1st as World Aids Day….. among all the broken tales of brexit and trumpantics its easy for other stuff to slip…I don’t think its just me that forgot…..? ABOUT WORLD AIDS DAY WHAT IS WORLD AIDS DAY? World AIDS Day takes place […]

  • Last Thurs Foodbank Benefit Custard Ceili 28th Dec

    Last Thurs Foodbank Benefit  Custard Ceili 28th Dec

    A cèilidh (if you visit.Wikipedia) is a traditional Scottish or Irish social gathering. In its most basic form, it simply means a social…. A Last Thurs Benefit for The Forest Foodbank The Custard Band Ceili Thursday 28th December     announces the space heel to toe, finger turns and the inevitable inner fish dance that emerge […]

  • “Money?”

      What has been your biggest disappointment? “ How little money really changes things. It buys doctors but not health clothes but not taste, make up but not beauty When I was young I imagined money had more power”                                   […]

  • ‘Roots’ I Come From – A poem from The Fed

    The Fed A Network of Writing and Community Publishers The Fed is a network of writing groups and people who want to encourage space for those often ignored in print. it had been active since 1970s and includes activity across the Uk and USA. It runs an annual writing festival, a day of workshops and […]

  • Diana Gash (member of Coleford NDP steering group) comments on Lawnstone Plans

    Diana Gash (member of Coleford NDP steering group) comments on Lawnstone Plans

    ‘Last chance to get a green and nAtural space in Coleford Town Centre. When Lawnstone House was pulled down it was a shame. Another piece of history and another old building gone. BUT it did leave a lovely open space next to the cinema. PERFECT FOR A TOWN GARDEN The Neighbourhood Development Plan group ( […]

  • Save the open space- Lawnstone – Keep Coleford Open

    Lawnstone House in Coleford High Street was in 1840 noted as residence of William Roberts a solicitor latterly District Council Housing department- neglected but stylish building finally demolished in 2016. Its disappearance has opened up a lovely view across to St John’s Church one of the few surviving examples of distinctive architecture in Coleford and […]

  • Where to get the Festival’s Anthology and the HOOF DVD

    For the moment, both can be purchased here.  We expect to have the Anthology available in other retail outlets at some stage and will let people know. All proceeds for the Anthology go to the Festival, so we can do it again. HOOF DVD sales – and it’s a really brilliant film – to HOOF to keep […]

  • Farewell to Lakers…

    September Beckons-New School Poem They force them into uniforms As if education is a war Line them up for roll call like soldiers facing battle   Then blitz them into silence take away their innocence blast their sense of being   March them back and forth shovel facts with no setting compute their minds to […]

  • Hopewell Colliery – a lovely day