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New Mike Leigh film Peterloo comes close but not here……?

Ok  Monmouth is not far but why are our two independent cinemas in the Forest not sure if they are going to screen Mike Leigh’s new film about the struggles to win the vote for women whilst Savoy cinema in Monmouth has dates and times already advertised? ” We don’t really get an audience for […]

2008 -2018 A brief history of Coleford Festival of Words

Coleford FESTIVAL of   Words 2018 From John Hegley to Katie Fforde It’s a times table remembering -2 fives, 3 threes plus one. The thinking falls into place as you make your way through this years programme for the Coleford Festival of Words …. John Hegley a humourologist, touted as comic laureate –he, of stories of growing […]


  What has been your biggest disappointment? “ How little money really changes things. It buys doctors but not health clothes but not taste, make up but not beauty When I was young I imagined money had more power”                                   […]

Diana Gash (member of Coleford NDP steering group) comments on Lawnstone Plans

‘Last chance to get a green and nAtural space in Coleford Town Centre. When Lawnstone House was pulled down it was a shame. Another piece of history and another old building gone. BUT it did leave a lovely open space next to the cinema. PERFECT FOR A TOWN GARDEN The Neighbourhood Development Plan group ( […]

Farewell to Lakers…

September Beckons-New School Poem They force them into uniforms As if education is a war Line them up for roll call like soldiers facing battle   Then blitz them into silence take away their innocence blast their sense of being   March them back and forth shovel facts with no setting compute their minds to […]

One Day in Broadwell attracts 300 people

thanks to everybody that contributed their time and support and everybody who came along on 10th July- we will be having follow up meeting very soon. These are just a couple of the photographs loaned to the project, the stories behind them and many memories and diaries will be appearing on the Coleford Hub in […]

One Day In Broadwell: Record A Day

COLEFORD FESTIVAL of Words 2016 One Day in Broadwell Friday 1st July 2016 Record a day in your life – write for someone who doesn’t know you Write as much as you like, add a drawing & do continue over the page… Name   Introduce yourself   What does Broadwell mean to you?   What […]

Shopping in Broadwell- Who was your Milkman? Sunday 12th June 11am

Sunday  5th June warm sunny day and things begin to hot up in the Evergreen Hall when Ted Smith and his son arrive. As you can see from the photo above Ted who grew up in Campbell rd, (part of the Land Society Project- more of that elsewhere) ran his own dairy based in Foxes […]