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Broadwell an Incomplete History….Sunday 10th July – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

Broadwell an Incomplete History….Sunday 10th July

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An exhibition of photographs past, present and the memories or stories they recall

Friday 1st July is ‘Broadwell Day’ when people of all ages are asked to write a diary

We will make films share stories, drink tea, maybe sing,dance, maybe create a community history banner..

The Evergreen Hall is 125 years old this year-the picture shows the hall built first in 1891 as a church and Broadwell Lane End School built in 1863….

Events will run through June toward the big event on Sunday 10th July

This event is part of Coleford Festival of Words 2016 and supported by the Foresters Forest

The material will appear on this website look out for more details…..