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Bluff and counter bluff …! Sorry – this has been cancelled… – The Coleford Hub

The Coleford Hub

Soundwork Community Projects

Bluff and counter bluff …! Sorry – this has been cancelled…

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Ex Libris LIVE! is a fun filled and light hearted literary panel show where brilliant
authors battle it out for word supremacy.  Coming to the Festival on Wed 8th July, with authors Sarah Franklin, Amanda Prowse and Mike Carey and hosted by authors’ favourite broadcaster, David Freeman, who either with the BBC, Sky or JazzFM, has met and interviewed almost every literary figure you might care to name!

David Freeman, JazzFM

Adapted from the board game Ex Libris, Ex Libris LIVE!, panelists bluff and counter bluff as they write fake but plausible opening or closing sentences to genuine books, attempting to fool fellow players into believing that their scripts are the authentic first lines or last words of these works. Loads of fun!